How to make your NYC home more inviting

There’s no doubt that the first couple of weeks in your new NYC home will be strange. Tons of moving boxes, uninstalled appliances, and bare walls and windows may seem discouraging at some point.

While you probably can’t wait to turn this unfamiliar place into a comfortable one, settling into a new home takes time and patience.

A blond woman sitting in the brown armchair by the window in her NYC home
Instead of unpacking everything immediately, take your time to relax and reward yourself after a successful household move to your NYC home

Take a deep breath and get your mind off the move. Luckily, the hardest part of the transition to your NYC home is over. After weeks of hectic moving schedules and stressful events, you’ve finally reached your new place. Now it is time to embrace a slower pace and take one step at a time when arranging your new home. Things will slowly fall into place, just arm yourself with a lot of patience.

After your Brooklyn movers have done moving you, make unpacking your priority. Living among unpacked boxes can be really frustrating and it makes it even more difficult to focus on anything other than unpacking. With dozens of boxes in every room, you must be wondering when you will finally settle into your new home for good.

While you are eager to sort everything out and remove cardboard boxes, you don’t have to unpack everything on the first day. It’s always a good idea to focus on your children’s room first in order to put them at ease. Re-establishing a day-to-day routine and sense of security can reduce the negative effects of the move on your children. A household move affects children and pets, so get back to their day-to-day routine so as to ease the transition.

Clean before you start unpacking. Chances are that the landlord or previous homeowners or tenants have cleaned the place, but it won’t hurt to give your new space a good cleaning before you start unpacking.

Tips for settling into your NYC home

There are lots of innovative and exciting ways to create a cozy and happy home. Adding a homey touch can give you a whole new perspective on your NYC home. It’s good news that you can create a cozy and comfortable home without spending a fortune.

These cheap and simple tricks will help you add a welcoming atmosphere to an unfamiliar place. Your home should reflect your personality and your unique style, so build its charm and character as soon as possible.

A woman holding a homemade muffin in the muffin cup
A tasty homemade meal will recreate a pleasant family environment in your NYC home

Set up the kitchen and recall the sweet memory of family dinners and gatherings at your previous home. Instead of ordering pizza or eating out, prepare a homemade meal and enjoy it with your loved ones.
If arranged properly, comfortable and stylish pieces of furniture can enhance a welcoming atmosphere in your new NYC home. Combining different styles and pairing mismatched items together may generate an amazing sense of coziness in your new home.

Make good use of multiple sources of lighting. Candles may add some instant charm and soft glow which is especially convenient when having visitors.

Make the most of warm colors. It’s no secret that they can make large rooms feel cozier and if mixed with neutral colors, they can add a stimulative and energizing touch to your new home. Now is the best time to experiment with different colors and personalize your new home the way you’ve always wanted.

How to personalize your new NYC home

Add a layer of texture to your new place. Incorporate different textures and materials that may provide a sense of warmth and coziness as well as lend atmosphere. Although you are moving to a brand new apartment, allow yourself to mix styles. Eventually, you may realize that the vintage rug from the antique store fits perfectly your home décor. Also, find suitable window treatments that will add a stylish touch to your interior.

Keep your entryway tidy since this is the first thing your visitors will notice. Make use of some creative and functional ways to organize your entryway after the move. This high-traffic area tends to accumulate items quickly, so tackle your entryway as soon as you move into a new home. Get a shoe rack that can accommodate your family’s and visitors’ footwear. Also, install some hooks and add boxes and baskets so that you can drop your small items in one place.

Give a fresh look to your front door if painting the exterior is too overwhelming for your budget.
Surround yourself with your personal accessories. Photos, collectibles, and favorite paintings come with special memories so find a way to incorporate them into the design of your new home.

Fresh flowers and plants may enliven the entire place and make it feel comfortable and welcoming.


Clutter is never inviting. It reminds people of chaos, hectic lives, and rush. Instead, choose only to display a few items that mean something to you on the shelves and throughout the house. Find a perfect spot for your important documents, kids` toys, and various other items. Try to throw away or gift all the items you don`t use. Not only will people visiting your home feel more comfortable, but you will also feel more at peace and less confused by the enormous amount of items everywhere.

A Woman Is Decluttering After Moving In
Decluttering after moving in s one of the best ways to make your home more inviting

Set up the perfect lighting

To make your NYC home more inviting, one of the things you can do is through lighting. Think about incorporating table lamps, task lighting in the kitchen, for example, or accent lighting if you want to accentuate your family photo frames on the wall. Go through your NYC home and observe the lights, whether there is plenty of it or not enough of it, and place a light bulb and a perfect chandelier in there. For your living room, we recommend installing dimmers, so you can dim the lights as per your needs and make them stronger or weaker as it suits you.

Use fabrics to make your home more inviting

Another way to make everyone feel comfortable in your home is by using plenty of fabrics. Think about all the beautiful pillows, rugs, and curtains that you can incorporate to make your home more inviting. You can get as creative as you want, and choose your favorite colors. Warm colors such as brown, or red will make your home feel cozier and are always a great choice, for example.

Soft pillows should go on the couch, or on the sofa together with a fine blanket or cover that you like. You can also use some neutral curtains and put drapes to enlighten the room or keep it dark if there is plenty of sunlight.

Hosting a housewarming party after a move

white computer keyboard with a pause button
Take a break from all moving-related tasks and organize a housewarming party after moving to your NYC home

While giving our ideas a try, don’t forget to enjoy your new surroundings. The adjustment process depends on your ability to connect with your new neighbors and co-workers. Now that you have arranged your new place to your liking, it’s time for showing off.

The relocation has turned out perfectly – is there a better reason to celebrate a new beginning with your friends and neighbors? Everyone’s looking forward to unwinding and relaxing after a tiresome moving experience. An informal get-together will be a joyful distraction from all the post-relocation tasks ahead of you.

Furthermore, it’s an easy way to get to know your neighbors and co-workers and make new friends after the moveHousewarming parties are usually casual events so don’t bother taking out the most expensive glassware and dishes. Give your visitors a tour through your NYC home and tell them about your future plans. You may come up with some great ideas together.

If you don’t feel like unpacking everything immediately after the move, that’s all right. Regardless of whether you have hired professional NYC movers, relocating to a new place is a demanding endeavor. Take some time to unwind and treat yourself after an overwhelming household move. Maybe a casual get-together with your friends is what you need at this point.