How to pack a mattress for moving

If you’re currently planning for a move, there’s going to be plenty of items in your home that you won’t need to research the best way to pack them. You may assume that sourcing a bundle of boxes is one of your first steps to prepare for your packing process. But, there are a few items in your home that likely won’t fit in your moving boxes and require some unique steps to keep them safe and secure in transit, such as a mattress.

If you plan on taking your bed with you and moving it yourself, you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about what you’ll need and how to make sure your mattress makes it to your new place.

Preparing for the mattress move

Use the buddy system: Unlike your pillows or linens, your mattress will likely be quite sizable and hefty. Depending on the mattress size, it may be between 45 and 100 lbs! Plus, it can be floppy and unwieldy to move on your own, even if you were to slide it on the floor. This means that getting a pal or two will be necessary to load it onto and out of a vehicle so that it can be moved.

Check your vehicle: Speaking of a vehicle, knowing how you’ll be able to move it will also be a key part of the process. It may be tempting to break out the bungee cords and strap it to the hood of your personal vehicle. However, it may be worth it to reconsider; doing so may damage your vehicle and the mattress itself (not having enough protection between it and the elements). Transporting it in a closed space, such as a van or moving truck is ideal for your safety and the longevity of your mattress.

Gather your supplies: There are a number of other items you’ll want to secure to ensure that you and your mattress stay in good shape during the move. These include:

  • A mattress bag, often found at a moving truck rental location or hardware store, these plastic bags are large enough to cover an entire mattress
  • Nylon rope or ratchet ties so that you can secure the mattress inside of the van or moving truck
  • Dolly or hand cart so you can load and wheel the mattress where it needs to go with ease
  • Moving tape to securely seal the mattress bag
  • Retractable blade to cut open the mattress bag without damaging the mattress itself
  • Cardboard to stabilize the mattress so it flops less
  • Tool kit to disassemble the bed
  • Locking plastic storage bags to keep all the nuts and bolts of the bed in the same place so you can put it back together again

Packing up and loading the mattress into a van or truck

Place the mattress into the mattress bag: To protect your mattress, you’ll want to take your appropriately-sized mattress bag and slide your mattress into it. This will likely require some help from your moving buddies. Once the mattress is inside the bag, use your packing tape to securely seal the open end of the bag.

Clear a moving pathway: Because a mattress is so large, it may be hard to navigate tight spots and possible obstacles due to limited visibility. So, clearing a pathway that minimizes the risk of running into walls, other furniture, valuables, or items that could snag your mattress is key before lifting it any further.

Place the mattress onto a dolly or hand truck: With your pals, take the corners of the mattress and turn it upright on its side so that its not laying flat (like you’d be laying on it). If you feel like the mattress is too floppy to start wheeling it, strap flattened cardboard onto each side to reduce the movement. Then tip up the cart and get your wheels turning on the pathway towards your vehicle.

Load the mattress into the cargo area: Once you’ve successfully navigated your moving path with your mattress, you’ll want to lift the mattress off of the dolly or hand truck. Before you actually load it into your truck or van, you’ll need to consider the type of mattress you have. If you have a coiled mattress or box spring, you can load it in on its side or lay it flat on top of other items (but not with any items on top of it). If you have a foam mattress, you’ll need to lay it flat only, without other items placed on top of it. Do not fold or bend your foam mattress. Use the rope or ratchet tie downs to secure the mattress to the cargo area.

Drive carefully: Mattresses and other items in the cargo area of your van or truck may shift while in transit. So regardless of who is driving, steady with smooth braking will be key to keep your items safe. Checking on the items periodically can help you make adjustments as needed.

After relocating your mattress to it’s final destination

Take the mattress out of the bag: The mattress bag is really just to keep it covered during transit. So once you’ve brought it to the space you’ll be setting it up, you can remove the bag.

Air out/disinfect your mattress: This may depend on your preferences, but taking the mattress out of the bag is an opportunity to give it time to air out without linens on it before you start using it. You may also spray it with a light disinfectant during this time and wait for it to dry.

Set up your bed: As you wait for your mattress to dry or air out, grab your tool kit and the parts to your bed that you disassembled previously and start putting them back together. Once your mattress is dry, you can put it on the bed and set up your bedding the way you like!

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