Moving to Borough Park guide

Moving to Borough Park this year can be a really good decision. It is one of those places that you can enjoy living in. There are many jobs you can apply for, and many other activities that can make your stay wonderful. That is why Two Guys And A Truck NYC is here to help you out and tell you what you can expect from this move. We’re not just the best but also we’re cheap movers in Manhattan when you compare prices. Here you will learn everything there is about it.


Before moving to Borough Park learn more about it

This is a wonderful neighborhood located in New York City. Almost 158,000 people are living here, and it is a part of Kings County. That being said, you will have to know that people rent their homes here. And you can enjoy that dense urban life. Many people who are living and working here say that they enjoy that everything is very close to them and it’s well connected. Nice parks, bars, restaurants, banks, and other places will make your life easier. And make sure to have this place in mind if you are moving here with your family. The schools are nice and the healthcare is very good. Contact Borough Park movers when you are ready to move. They can help you organize everything without any mistakes. Not to mention that Borough Park has low crime rates as well.

A happy elderly sitting after Moving to Borough Park;
Elderly people like moving in here because rent is low and the cost of living isn’t that high.

According to the website Zerodown, the cost of living is not that cheap. First of all the medina home price is $1,298,869 but the median rent is just $1,521. The median household income is $45,659/year and the medium income per person is $25,226.  On the other hand, District 12 is regarded as a wealthy neighborhood and is home to Borough Park, Kensington, and Ocean Parkway. While roughly 30% of residents in Borough Park own their homes, the majority of residents rent. But trust us moving companies in Brooklyn have seen an influx of people moving in.  So with us, you won’t have to worry about anything, we as local movers know everything around Brooklyn so you won’t feel a thing.

Transportation in Borough Park

After moving to Borough Park you’ll understand that this is a well-organized community. First of all, a lot of people like to walk here and there so it has a high walking score. This also means that everything is in proximity since you won’t need a car to go to the grocery store. You can find restaurants, and grocery stores everywhere and that’s why people walk more. Also, infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks are really good; that’s why 22% of people are commuting to work by bike or on foot. That’s the highest percentage in all of New York. Borough Park is ranked as the borough with the least commuting time at 35.1 minutes in Brooklyn; compare that to Brownsville/Ocean Hill at 48.2 minutes. With local movers in Brooklyn, you won’t have to worry about traffic jams we have all the roads in our back pocket.

Traffic jam;
There are no such traffic jams in Borough Park.

Another great thing about transportation in Borough Park is that it has Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. This is great because if you’re a commuter you won’t have to use any sideways. Also, there are plenty of buses and trains which you can use. Public transportation is quite popular and it’s eco-friendly too. Metropolitan Transportation Authority or commonly known as MTA is maybe the most popular way of transportation in Brooklyn generally speaking. As the data shows 56% of people in Brookly including Borough Park don’t own cars. That’s why scientists say that in the future New York might be the first city in the US to have no cars at all.

Things to do and places to eat in Borough Park

During winter there are some of the most beautiful houses with Christmas lights and decorations. If you want to visit the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights you’ll see what we’re talking about. Now in Borough park people especially young folks enjoy eVRest VR that’s a virtual reality playroom. Other than that there are plenty of cafes and restaurants. One of the most famous restaurants is The Loft Steakhouse. There are also Gluten Free, Kosher, and Vegetarian Friendly meals, even if it’s a steak house.  If you prefer Asian and especially Chinese food please visit Pacificana, here you’ll eat the best dumplings in New York City; local movers in Brooklyn can guarantee you that.

If you prefer more Italian cuisine please visit the Ortobello Restaurant and Mama Rao Cucina Italiana. These are the two best places when it comes to pizzas, pasta, and other Italian specialties.  But if you’re a true lover of Italian pizzas do check a Europa Pizzeria. Pizzas are a bit different but they say that they’re like the ones in Italy.  Moving to Borough Park you’ll have to adjust to people drinking a lot of coffee and we mean a lot. That’s why you should take a look or visit the Spoons. There are also some more exotic options like Namaste Brooklyn with the best Himalayan/Nepalese foods. Finally, CC’S Jamaican Restaurant has all the taste that the Caribbean Sea can offer. Just come into these places and smell them; you’ll immediately be attracted to this spicy food.

People in a restaurant talking about guide to moving to Borough Park;
There are plenty of amazing restaurants in Borough Park.

Moving to Borough Park an economical guide

Now that you know everything about Borough park it’s time to move! So before you start moving or anything, create a good plan and we’ll help you put it to use. If you’re wondering why we’ve called it an economic guide it’s because in 2023 we’re expected to see a recession caused by inflation in 2022. No matter if you’re moving locally or from afar long distance movers in Brooklyn NY are at your service.  This is why we’re here to help you plan well ahead and save some money. Now let’s go!

Make a good moving plan and stick to it

Organizing a relocation is not that simple. Especially when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. In this situation, you would want to make a moving plan and stick to it. That will help you out with your planning and you will surely avoid any moving delays. What you need to do is the following:

  • Hire professional movers in Brooklyn in advance. It will give you more time to solve any possible issues when moving.
  • Gather necessary packing supplies and make sure to have enough of them when moving. It will help pack everything properly so you won’t break anything.
  • Pack your home and make sure everything is ready for the move. That way you can avoid any moving delays and minimize the chances of damaging your belongings.
  • Ask your friends to help you out. If you have trouble moving, you can always ask your friends to assist you with your move. Then you can make some tasty lunch for them, as a token of gratitude. It can mean a lot to all of you.
a person writing a plan
Before moving to Borough Park make a moving plan.

Now let’s break down each of these steps.

Decluttering guide before moving to Borough Park

Before any move, you should declutter properly. First of all, there are several techniques for how you can do it. The easiest one is called one year rule where you’ll throw away things that you haven’t used for a year (or any period that you consider is the limit). After that, you can simply throw that thing away or save money by selling it online or at a garage sale. The next technique is called the 20/20 technique or rule. It’s simple because if something is worth less than $20 you can throw it away, thus reducing the load and amount of time needed for packing. The next step that you can do is maybe a bit more time-consuming but it’s the best technique out there it’s called the 6-box (category) technique.

Simply you’ll need to separate your inventory or a list into six (give or take) categories. The most common categories are throw away, move or keep, recycle (saves money), sell, donate and store. Storing is the best option if you don’t know what to do with certain items. It can come off as an expense but maybe some things that you want to throw away you can use later or their price can skyrocket and you can sell them. Since this is moving to Borough Park Guide we’ve also got a free moving estimate in NYC and a full blog section of different topics related to packing and moving. So if you’re interested give us a call or book everything through our website.

Moving to Borough Park guide on saving money while packing

So you’re off to the Home Depot or you just want to order everything via Amazon Prime. But you’ll need to know how many boxes, what shapes do you need, etc. First, you’ll have to study the room-by-room packing guide for beginners if you’ve never done this.  After you’ve measured everything that you need since you want to save money, try the cheapest options and buy things online at least you’ll save some money. But if that isn’t in your budget then start using for starters any free boxes around your house and your bags, suitcases, etc. After you’ve used all of them start looking for boxes around stores if you know people who work there ask them if they can leave you some; you can also do this with your friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, family members, etc.

A couple packing and wrapping items while talking about moving to Borough Park Guide;
Moving to Borough Park Guide will help you save money on packing items.

When it comes to markers, and bubble wrap, you can find them fairly anyway. The first hint is your desk, then your office desk or just ask around. For bubble, wraps look around dumpsters probably people leave big tv or PC boxes filled with those. If you don’t have any idea where to find it or nobody has it, buy some it’s not expensive. Instead of packing paper use cloths, old shirts, or some clothes that are old but you don’t want to throw it away. These are just some general tips that you can use but also don’t hesitate to everyone you know to help you out. There are also plenty of cool ideas online so get creative. Now if you find this boring or you would rather pay someone to do it for you we have an excellent packing service that’ll pack you in no time.

Moving day preparations

For the moving day you should get up early and if you want to save money, cook everything in advance. Instead of renting a truck or a moving company drives yourself. Now for this part, we hope that you’re not traveling 2000 miles or so; because it’ll be much simpler and probably less expensive to take a flight while the movers drive your things to Borough Park. Don’t eat out it’s much simpler to prepare all the food in advance. Instead of movers hire your friends to help you load a truck, minivan, or car. Also if someone has a big car ask them to give you a lift and help you move. If you’re moving from afar another thing that you can rent is a moving container.  You can also save money by buying bare minimum insurance.

Hiring moving professionals vs DIY move

Nowadays there is little difference between DIY move and hiring moving professionals. If you want to save money of course it’s better to DIY, isn’t it? Well think again, we’ll lay before you what you’ll need to do for that. First of all, you’re going to buy all the packing materials such as moving boxes, wrapping papers, packing peanuts, packing tapes (duck tape, scotch tape, painter’s tape),  markers (permanent and in different colors), tape gun, bubble wrap, covers for mattresses, door stoppers, etc, that’s just to name a few. Don’t forget that you’ll have to talk with your friends or family members or even relatives to help you. Now, why wouldn’t you work and earn money on your job while professionals take care of everything?

Professional movers loading a van with boxes;
Pros will do their job in no time.

So our point here is that people “think” that they’ll save more money. But instead, they can do more work for which they’re or any additional work and you’ll just pay for someone to do moving and packing for you. Our company offers different moving services in NYC and we can pack a four-bedroom house in 4 hours or less. Also, professional movers can help you move without any additional stress. Moving is stressful and it’s quite understandable that people want to save some money but think about this in the long run. Do you want to save a couple of dollars in the short run or many thousands in the long run? Also, you can use this “free time” to do anything else, like saying goodbye to your neighborhood, or friends or enjoying time with your family.

Final thoughts on Moving to Borough Park Guide

That would be it for today folks and we hope that you liked our ideas. Today we’ve covered all of the most important topics. We’ve presented places where you can eat in Borough Park, and we’ve introduced to you commuting and overall traveling time. Borough is overall a great place because it’s well connected with the metro and also a lot of people walk since they work in the neighborhood.  The cost of living is great but overall salaries aren’t as high as in the rest of Brooklyn. But if you’re a freelance or you can work remotely this is a great place to be around. You’ll save some money plus you’ll be leaving in New York with a rent below $5000 as of December 2022; that’s quite rare and in 2023 rent will probably be even higher.

We’ve also talked about saving money while decluttering, packing, and moving. When it comes to packing just remember that everything and anything hollow can be a container. Instead of packing peanuts, bubble wrap and wrapping paper use old clothes and clothes. For decluttering think about selling off things online or making a garage sale so you can earn some money. Moving day is a great chance to save money by preparing meals in advance, this can also be fun if you have kids. They’ll probably help you out plus it’s a much higher quality of food than the one in the restaurant. For anything else, feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading our article have a great day and we hope that you liked moving to Borough Park Guide. Have a stress-free move and have a good day.