How to Make Your Summer Move a Breeze

The summer months are home to fun activities: playing in parks and pools, eating ice cream, and having sleepovers with friends. Since summer seasons usually come with fewer obligations than other months with kids being out of school, families often move during the summertime. Real estate markets are generally more active during summer months, requiring former owners to get their summer moving on. With the heat and demanding physical activity that comes with moving during the summer, it is no mystery that moving during the summer can be extremely difficult. Moving is challenging enough, requiring families to get used to new locales and what they offer. Anticipating attending a new school can produce feelings of anxiety and parents changing jobs can be both time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, we have some moving advice to keep your stress and injury risk to a minimum during these summer months. Find a Moving Company About one month prior to your expected moving date, begin contacting trusted moving companies to obtain quotes. Inquire about them offering warranties, guarantees, or references from previous customers. It may not always be necessary to hire a moving company, but it definitely will lighten the load during the muggy summer months. Avoid the 1st of the Month Another good tip is to plan to move during the middle of the month. Leases often end around the first of each month, leading to more move traffic at this time. Moving companies will also get booked up much faster at the end of the month, so if you have to move on the first, make sure to book a service well in advance. Pack With a Plan Begin packaging physical paper documents, from important work-related briefs to cherished school projects. Obtain storage for such documents that blocks moisture, insects, and — sorry for mentioning it — spiders. Spiders are traditionally more active during warmer months, and most are attracted to cardboard boxes. Seek out corrugated plastic boxes, Tupperware bins, or other non-cardboard alternatives to cardboard boxes. After completing these, the next best step is to plan your move. Decide what clothes, furniture, pictures, and other belongings will actually go with you to your next home. Moving is a great time to clean your house, and lugging along all your belongings, whether you use them or not, will undoubtedly make you more exhausted during these hot months. Wait until the week of the move to actually start packing. Many moving companies will also provide storage if you need it. Be careful not to include frozen food, candles, or CDs in hot moving trucks, as they may damage. Finally — and it goes without saying — stay hydrated! The hot summer months may cause agitation, but your move shouldn’t. Let Two Guys And a Truck NYC take the weight off your shoulders – give us a call today!